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Why Join?

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Channel Growth

Building relationships and working with YouTube Creators is crucial to growing of your channel. Working with other Creators will open you to new opportunities that were not available or previously known.
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Creator Discovery

It’s difficult to find creators that are similar to you. With YouCollab you will be able to discover Creators that you never knew existed. It’s important to have all your connections in a central location which can easily be done with YouCollab.
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Better Content

Working with other Creators will cause you to create better content by receiving feedback and improving the quality of your content.

"Collaboration is the #1 source of success for new channels"
- YouTube

What YouTube Creators are saying?

Lisa Kithara Food & Health | 48K Subsribers

To me, collaborations helped me interact with like minded people and I've also make incredible friends through collaborations

Corrado Founder, Buffer Festival

I wouldn't be where I am today if I wasn't always collaborating with new people

ChadWithaJ Entertainment | 1.4M Subscribers

Collaboration is the best way to improve the quality of your content and grow your channel, without a doubt

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is YouCollab an MCN?
YouCollab is an open platform with no restrictions to join. No contracts, agreements or revenue share programs are involved when joining YouCollab. If you are apart of an MCN you can happily use YouCollab.
Is YouCollab only for YouTubers?
At the moment we are only focusing on YouTube Creators.
Is it actually free?
YouCollab is 100% free. No revenue share programs or hidden fees.
Is YouCollab only available on iOS?
Currently we’re only on iOS. We will be expanding to other platforms in the future.


Shaun MacLellan

Founder and CEO